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What Our Customers are Saying

(Sarah W)
The best service and the most honest guys in the business.
Nick - the owner - will say it like it is and saved me over $800 from not going to the dealer repair shop.
GREAT guys!

(Joey G)
Some friends recommended this place. Customer service awesome, shifter cable replaced same day AND the price was very reasonable. As a Heights resident and business owner, I'm really impressed with this place. These guys are very honest and didn't try to do stuff I didn't need. It's clear to see why they get a great rating. I feel very comfortable recommending this place to any one!

(Mauro Lo Cascio)
Probably one of the best auto shops in Houston. It's local, they are low key, and really know what they are doing. Good prices and excellent communication with customers. They can handle both domestic and foreign cars. Highly recommended.

(Firefly Racing)
A special thanks to Nick, Ray and the crew at Kindall for helping Firefly Racing through a successful race season in 2012. We could not have gotten through the season like we did without your company's expertise and fast turn-arounds. We're lucky to know you guys!

Precise car care honestly delivered. I can t say enough about the guys at Kindall. Whether taking the Porsche in for check -up or the Jeep, they cover all bases. Amy the heights

(~Heights Home Owner and Kindall Customer)
I keep returning to Nick for any car repair, tune up, oil change, inspection etc. He always takes care of us. He is professional, thorough, and knows how to communicate. The job is always correct, I have never had to make a 'return' trip for the same repair. Kindall is the only place I trust in the Houston Heights!

(Sabrina X)
Gotta hand it to the guys at Kindall Automotive. They are truly a one stop shop that are masters at their craft. These guys are honest, hardworking and talented. They find the source of the problem and find you a solution to keep your car in tip top running condition. They service new cars, old cars, foreign cars, domestic cars, and even those beloved antiques; from Fords to Land Rovers and everything in between and beyond. So next time you need a reputable company to service your vehicle, take it to the guys at Kindall. Talk to Ramon or Nick.

(Shawn M)
Nick is one fantastic professional who takes care of his customers, and is honest. Paula and I found out about Nick and Kindall from a colleague at my office about a year ago. Since that time, we have had little concerns with our automobiles, and he saved us about $3,000 in one particular case with our 4-Runner over what the dealer was going to charge since what the dealer wanted to do to fix the problem was completely unnecessary!

(Debbie S.)
If you need a GREAT mechanic & he is HONEST - this is the place. A friend recommended them to me as I thought I had a blown head gasket, turned out to be a little hose - they could have told/charged me anything and I wouldn't have known the difference. I feel lucky to have found such a good mechanic!!

(Anna F.)
This place is HONEST! Wow! So refreshing. I have had the worst luck with auto shops that take advantage of me or never really fix the problem. I usually end up paying a much larger bill than expected and have more work done than I had anticipated.

Love this shop! Nick (the owner) tells it like it is and doesn't try to give you a run for your money. Last time I took my car in I was worried it had a leak. He detected no leak, but put some dye and said next time he will know for sure. Took it back this week (5000 miles later). Ready for another oil change. I ask him to rotate my tires if he thinks I need it. He remembered about the possible leak! He checked it out-no leak! Said tires look good for now, but may need to be rotated at the next oil change! He tells me he knows someone who can fix the inner panels of my car where the leather has peeled away (Escape's have a problem with that) from both front door panels- for $125. Pretty cheap! But, I told him I was probably gonna just paint it b/c I don't really care about perfection. And, I think hot pink panels could be fun. He said, that's a bad idea b/c the insulation absorbs the paint and then it deteriorates! Good to know. $25 later, I got a lot of info and an oil change I can count on!

I have also gotten many other repairs done at this shop. It never costs me a lot, and my car seems to run great afterward! They are very knowledgeable, relatable, quick, efficient, friendly, and super honest mechanics. I wish it weren't so hard to find these kinds of places, but I don't have to worry about it anymore. Kindall is my spot! Highly recommend you check it out! In my opinion, if you live in the Heights- there is no need to go anywhere else for your car maintenance and repairs!

(Michael L.)
So hard to find a mechanic you can trust. Turnaround can be slow but I don't mind waiting when I know I'm not getting jacked and the job will be done right. Nick and his crew are excellent trustworthy mechanics. Highly highly recommended from a continually satisfied customer.

As a female who does not know much about cars, I was referred to Nick at Kindall Auto Repair by a male friend who felt Nick was fair and reasonable. After checking the car, he called me to tell me that he has solved the problem and suggested that I take a ride with him just to be sure. He picked me up minutes later and indeed the noise the car was making was gone. Turned out after he put the car on the lift, he saw a rock stuck in the wrong place and all he did was take it out. We drove back to the repair shop where he got out of the car and said to call him if anything further was needed. He didn't charge anything for his time! He could have told me I needed unnecessary work done but instead he was very honest! Highly recommend!!!

Highly recommend! Excellent service! No matter what car you have, whether its import or domestic, Nick knows what he's doing. I've taken my 1986 Chevy C10, my 1994 Chevy S10, my 2010 Toyota Tundra, and my 2000 Mercedes C280 all with various different problems and they have all come out quick and working in excellent condition at a great price. Go somewhere else if you dare, but I'm taking all my cars to Nick.

Nick @ Kindall is THE BEST! I've never even taken the time to rate a mechanic because I always end up broke and with more issues than I went in with but not since I started going to Kindall! I've been able to drop my car off and picked it back up the same day when I have issues. I won't ever go anywhere else again! HONESTY and GREAT prices go a long way when you have car trouble. Ask for Nick!

Honest mechanic! Paid less than half price of what other places were charging!

Liked: Great Service, Honest

(Allison L)
Nick is super nice and really cool!

(Taylor H)
Kindall Automotive is the freaking BOMB diggity. :)

Nick and Rey kick so much butt it's unreal. These guys are not only smart and knowledgeable as you-know-what, but they are also so HONEST and personable! They will tell you what's going on in straight talk and will not mess you around or take advantage of you. How incredibly refreshing. :)

Here's a little back story:
The reason we first went to this shop is because it is literally down the street, walking distance, from my house. We race cars (circle track) in a class called Eco Stock. Eco Stock cars are basically regular street cars (think Chevy Malibu, Honda Accord, etc) that are gutted, roll caged, and driven fast in a circle with other cars.

Since our cars are not street legal (no lights, windows, mirrors, etc), we wanted to take them to get worked on at a place that we wouldn't have to tow them to. A place we could drive the Eco a short distance to. So we went to Kindall.

After seeing how amazingly they did with our race cars, how healthy they made them, how much they cared, and how passionate they are about their work, we are hooked. I've never been to an auto service place like Kindall. They are usually pretty busy, but Nick runs an amazing business and definitely has the right people working with him. They get stuff done.

Now we take our regular cars there as well and I wouldn't have anyone else work on ANY of our cars. Whether it's an oil change or a major repair, we are DEFINITELY proud to call Kindall our automotive shop. If you're in the Heights and are looking for a high quality, honest shop to take your car to, go check 'em out.. I promise you, you won't be sorry you did. :)

(Wayne W)
I have known Nick for many years. It is very difficult to find someone you can trust on your vehicle. I have had Nick work on several cars and trucks I've had and never have I felt he was charging me for unnecessary work. Not only does Nick tell me what is wrong but what caused it and how to prevent it in the future. I had not seen Nick in 2 years (luckily my car was running fine) when 2 weeks ago I went to get a front end alignment from another shop. The shop charged me for it and I went on my way even though I did not notice a difference. I went to a bigger shop; the previous shop was a small shop I pass on the way to work. So I went to NTB to see if my car needed a alignment and to price some new tires. They tell me my front wheel bearings are bad (both sides) and that you cannot align a car with bad front wheel bearings. They continue to tell me some other stuff was wrong with my SUV totaling over $1300.00. I tell them I need to take it to another shop to get another estimate and I will go with the shop with the best price so give me the bottom line of what they would do it for, they did not budge. I called Nick and was at his shop the next day. He confirms the front wheel bearings need to be replaced but the other things they mentioned where not bad. I had Nick do the work for almost half of what NTB wanted to charge. Needless to say I will not be going to another shop due to convenience; I will always go to Nicks shop.

(Polis P.)
Kindall Auto is the place to be when you look for honest people and quick fix of your car. I go there every time I have problems with my car. From minor issues like oil change to big like changing my engine computer, the guys at Kindall took care of my car. The most important thing, they have reasonable prices and they never try to cheat you. They tell you from the beginning what the problem is and roughly how much is going to cost. I am really satisfied with the mechanics, and the management. Overall a great place!! I highly recommend that to all of you seeking not only excellent mechanics, but also excellent customer service.


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